Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tasty cookies - Internet Exporer

It has discovered that there is a new way for hackers to steal their victims' online credentials - stealing the session cookies from whatever site a victim is visiting. The stolen cookies can then be used to get victims' computers to download malware, forge clicks or send messages.

The attack, "cookiejacking," works on all versions of Internet Explorer across all versions of the Windows operating system, the researcher contends.

And apparently, Microsoft is working on it. Although a spokesman says that "there is no real reason for haste because this is a "moderate flaw" ", so you might want to keep your cookies cleaned if you're using IE.

My advice to people that are using Internet Explorer: Don't use it. There are lots of web browsers that are much faster and a lot more secure. Personally, I use Firefox 4, and I think it's great.

A small list of other available web browsers that I think are worth checking out:
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Opera
- Rockmelt (Requires Facebook though)
- Iron

Finally, I would like to ask you guys:  what kind of web browser you use?


  1. does anyone actually use IE? Firefox is so much better...

  2. Chrome and Firefox. The really bad thing is that my school uses IE as a default on their computers, but none of the school's websites work properly with IE - they all need javascript IE can't handle.

  3. On my stats, there are 2 people using IE, and 147 using firefox.... hahaha. IE is going the way of netscape navigator.. yeah, remember that shit? That was like, seven years ago. Right now Im using firefox, and I just downloaded opera last night just to see what it was like. I personally dont use chrome at all, because its extremely slow and doesnt load media very well (youtube videos, pictures, etc)

  4. Cookie stealing it pretty simple. Have done it in an unencrypted wireless network once (because my fellow said I can't do that :> ).

    Also I used Firefox pretty long now. Two or three weeks ago I decided to give Chrome a try (FiFo 4 sucks) and yeah, I like it.

  5. IE is the worst web browser of all times and I'll never ever going to use it for other thing that downloading firefox or chrome.

  6. I use Firefox for about 5 years now. i love it. i HATE IE and safari on any mac tho. it lacks, imo, add on support.

  7. Wow. That sucks, IE9 was actually pretty awesome, expecially with html5 websites.

  8. I use Firefox for most things, but it's been a bit funny over the past few updates - lots of crashes and such. Google Chrome is okay, but I really want to check out Iron. I also use Opera on occasion, for the Swiss Army knife qualities!

  9. I use firefox.

  10. great blog mmmm

  11. Firefox all day... Chrome as a "back up" lol.