Friday, 29 April 2011

Firefox goes Fastfox

Mozilla has begun to work on a new motor for their browser Firefox. The new motor is designed to increase the prestanda and is designed to work with webb applications, also known as webblications, faster then it is today.

The competition between the big browsers today has increased and it's very important to have a lead advantage.

The new motor contains of the new compilator IonMonkey which is designed to take care of JavaScript, and Azure which will handle rendering. Joe Drew on Mozilla works with Azure and says that Firefox already handles rendering in a effective way, but the authors of the browser found that the current renderingmotor Gecko has flaws in the code that decreases the prestanda.
The flaws will be corrected with Azure and is meant to give Mozilla a lead.

IonMonkey will also contain a new interface for developers who wants to review the code.

Both IonMonkey and Azure will be optimized to minimize interference with the memoryhandling.

The changes probably wont come for FX5 but will be released for later versions. Next big update is scheduled to June 21.


  1. With this change, will Firefox now outspeed Google Chrome?

  2. Hope my addons will work as also

  3. hope this works,my firefox is pretty laggy lately.
    following you mate

  4. Will this topple of the current speed champions, Chrome? If so, will Chrome make an even faster version to counter Firefox? Oh, the possibilities.

  5. Time for me to switch from Chrome? hmmm..

  6. Meh, I'm still a google chrome type guy.

  7. Google Chrome feels a lot lighter but that might just be personal preference.